Landscape | Bloomsbury Theatre, London

At the very start of ENO Opera Works, we were told by the lovely Lucy Roberts (Opera Works alumni) that one of the best things to come out of the course is the bond we make with our fellow singers. I looked around the room and thought ‘nah’…..I was wrong.

Just over a year ago, 20 of us met for the first time during our ‘working session audition’ with Martin Constantine, at the ENO Lilian Baylis House. It was definitely the first time I’ve ever done an impression of a deranged cat (there were even more impressive creature creations, trust me) infront of complete strangers, and for a split second I’ll admit that I did  ask myself if perhaps I’d thrown myself into something I wasn’t ready for. These feelings of self-doubt and uncertainty are the exact sentiments which the course has enabled me to push to one side, and to allow myself to enjoy the ‘what ifs’ of performance.

The 13th May was our performance of ‘Landscape’ at the Bloomsbury Theatre, London.   Each weekend leading up to our 3 days in the space was rammed with devising (if I never see a devising room again, it’ll be too soon!), dancing (breakout Macarena providing a constant source of much needed chuckles) and creating – all the while using the tools we’d gathered right back at the start of the course with Input Weekend 1. Throughout Opera Works my lovely colleagues have always been a source of strength and motivation, and production week was no exception.

Here are a few images taken during the dress rehearsal of Landscape:


Photos: With thanks to Rob Tsyon Knights Photography (

I feel incredibly lucky to have shared the past year with this great, supportive team of cagoule-sporting beauts, and I look forward to us seeing each other next week for our final Opera Work instalment – singing an aria on the Coliseum Stage.

Watch this space!